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Delivery to Caritas Manila will be on October 8, 2021

1 box contains: 

Tomatoes (1/2kg)

Potatoes (1/2kg)

Kalabasa Carisma (1 whole)

Pineapple (1 pc)

Sayote (1/2kg)

Carrots (1/2kg)

Wombok (1/2kg)

Kamote (1/2kg)

Repolyo (1 pc)

Talong (1/2kg)

Ampalaya (1/2kg)

Sitaw (1/2 kg)

Okra (1/4kg)

Puso ng Saging (1pc)

Rice (1 kg)


At least 8 million Filipino families entered poverty due to the pandemic.

Caritas Manila wants to alleviate this by targeting 4,500 underprivileged youth this year for holistic support, as well as help our small farmers sustain their livelihood through Mayani.

Let's #GrabBayanihan and help both sectors in need.

1) Choose your preferred Veggie and Fruit Box at

2) Checkout and pay via GrabPay

3) Mayani will source all the produce in the boxes from the Pililia farmers in collaboration with Pilipinas Shell Foundation

4) Mayani will deliver all the Donated Boxes to Caritas Manila for distribution (Oct 8 - 2nd wave delivery)