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Have fresh Monggo delivered to your doorstep with Mayani! Each order helps our local farmers in Lian, Batangas. Visit our online store and check out our catalogue of fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and your favorite local Filipino products. Shop fresh produce from the safety of your homes.
Mung beans are a type of pulse, which means they are an edible seed of the legume plant family.

Similarly to all pulses, mung beans are nutritionally balanced. They contain vitamins, minerals, and beneficial enzymes, which makes them an excellent part of a healthful diet.

According to a 2014 review, evidence suggests that mung beans may have several potential health benefits, including:

Antioxidant effects. Research shows that several compounds in mung beans demonstrate antioxidant activity.
Antifungal and antimicrobial activity. These include some against the Helicobacter pylori bacteria that causes stomach ulcers.
Anti-inflammatory activity. Test tube studies suggest that mung bean extracts may have potential to improve symptoms of inflammatory conditions, such as allergies.
Diabetes. Studies in rats suggest mung bean extracts may help lower blood glucose levels.
Hypertension. Studies in rats suggest sprout extracts may help lower blood pressure.
Cancer. Test tube studies suggest that compounds in mung beans may have antitumor properties.
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