Mayani Founder Spotlight: Ochie San Juan

This is Ochie San Juan, an engineering graduate whose heart happens to be in farming. And so he’s been at it for 3 decades now, with many of those years devoted to advocating for the family farm school system. I consider myself blessed to have him as a co-founder in MAYANI. His heart truly is for the smallholder and for their families.

He is always out in the field (or also by the shores, if with fisherfolk). And many times, we could not reach him. We don’t know where he is. Which is why, in the middle of the pandemic, we made this caricature. Our version of Where’s Waldo – Where’s Ochie? 😄

This province-hopping of Ochie has resulted in a farmer & fisherfolk footprint for Mayani of 150,000. And it’s time we provide these 150,000 people more than just fair access to market. Soon, we will share material developments to assist this most marginalized segment in our agri-fisheries supply chain, who happen to be the ones most directly involved in sourcing our food. It will start small, but it is bound to be huge. What’s most important at this point is to jumpstart a serious, sustainable effort of financial #inclusion for them. #agrifintech #agriinputs